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Themes From Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Sheet music of Jan Valta's pieces for solo instruments and piano:
Violin Viola Violoncello
Eb cornet Euphonium Trumpet
Cornet Eb horn Horn
Trombone Flute Oboe
Clarinet Bass clarinet Bassoon

Available at Edition Marc Reift website

Two Songs from "A Woman's Lot"

Sheet music from DLC 4 featuring two songs, Ave Maria and Jablicko (The Apple). For mezzo-soprano and piano.

Available at Edition Marc Reift website

Music Design for Game Development Studios

Book on music design for game designers. Contains numerous examples from Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Avaible via

Medieval Music

Ensemble and solo instrumental versions of Adam Sporka's music in Kingdom Come: Deliverance are now being published at his Patreon profile.

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These are the main 6 albums we have released. They are the "authors' cut" of our award-winning OST from the game.
Most pieces were stored in the format for Sequence Music Engine, the adaptive music middleware we used.
These albums contain the "linearized" versions of those pieces.

O.S.T. Essentials

Contains the most important pieces of music from the game, incl. Skalitz 1403, People of the Land, and Poverty and Famine.

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Cutscene Music I.

The first half of anthology of other cutscene music from the game and include previously unreleased instrumental versions of the songs.

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Cutscene Music II.

The rest of our cutscene music and some of our trailer music, including Godwin's Dawn, the devil quest cutscenes, and Beta Trailer.

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Medieval & Action Music

The rest of our 'pub music', monastery chants (including canon version of 'Credo'), and combat music. Contains also Dice Game, and Skiptime.

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Music of Towns

Music that can be head in inhabited areas of the KC:D world, including Talmberg, Skalitz, and Rattay.

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Music of the Land

Music that can be heard outside the towns. Also contains the rain atmosphere.

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Additional music related to Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Time Travel Works

Credit music from the official KCD making-of documentary.


For Ember

Original chiptune album by Adam Sporka. The track 18 of this #chiptune album is Atari 800XL cover of People of the Land! Release 03/22/19.

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Thank you very much and stay tuned for more!

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